Truck № 2 is sent to Ukraine. March 30

It is now a fact that the Supermarket Action has become a great success, but when the idea was born to organize a collection for groceries, a lot had to be done in a short time. A division of labor was made among the enthusiastic volunteers and Nataliya set her mantra to collect 1000 banana boxes full of groceries. This number was based on 30 boxes per pallet x 33 pallets (because they fit in a truck) and so that a full truck could be sent to Ukraine.

  • On the way to Gerard Dagevos of PAX Groep to arrange storage of goods, Nataliya was called by the director of HERO Netherlands. He wanted to support the action by donating 6000 packages of lactose-free baby food (a total of 19 pallets full with a sales value of about € 165,000). The run-up to the action had already started great.
  • When approaching the managers of the supermarkets, it turned out that they were just as enthusiastic as we were and received all the cooperation to collect groceries on March 25/26, in the end 10 supermarkets participated in the Supermarket Action HELP UKRAINE namely: AH Aarhof , AH Herenhof, AH Ridderhof, Aldi Euromarkt, Aldi Ridderhof, Hoogvliet Atlas, Hoogvliet Baronie, Hoogvliet Julianastraat, Hoogvliet Ridderhof, Jumbo Herenhof.

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