Thank you for signing up as an evening coördinator of Help4Ukraine.
Your job is the same as driver (see the instruction for drivers) plus:

  1. Come in the evening at the end of the last shift.
  2. Tell supermarket employees at the service desk that we are done for today.
  3. If this is the last day, take all remaining materials and bring them to storage or to the other
    location as agreed with organizers.
  4. If this is not the last day, put all materials in a box and ask supermarket employees at the
    service desk to keep them for tomorrow. Same with the remaining empty boxes. Check with
    supermarket employees if it is Ok to leave the banner as is until the next day. If not, it should
    be moved or folded and handed to the supermarket employes to keep until tomorrow.
  5. Ask volunteers to clean up the shopping carts and baskets from our flyers. Check throughout
    the supermarket that there are no flyers on the floor, near the checkout or any other surfaces.