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On the 24th of February 2022 Russia started the full-scale war against Ukraine.  Thousands of Ukrainians have been killed, multiple atrocities  committed, and enormous damage has been inflicted on the Ukrainian economy and infrastructure. Many factories have been destroyed or forced to close. People of Ukraine desperately need humanitarian aid.

We are managing 3 projects:

  1. Our main project  is collection of food, medicine and hygiene items in the supermarkets. The collected items are sent directly to Ukraine by Van der Wal transport company . Our main partner in Ukraine is a charity foundation “Heart for children”. They distribute humanitarian aid across Ukraine. We are also cooperating with Stitching Zeilen Van Vrijheid in delivering humanitarian aid.
  2. We are partnering with Stichting OMWUA  in supporting NPWT project which provides medical devices to Ukrainian hospitals.
  3. We are partnering with Stichting Jeugdwerk and charity foundation “Heart for children” in the project Christmas presents in collecting Christmas presents from Dutch children to Ukrainian children.

We ask you to donate to these important projects. The donation info is on their pages.


The initiative “Help4Ukraine” is organised and managed by “Stichting SLIMM”. It is currently based in Alphen aan de Rijn and Den Haag, but we would like to expand. Please contact us if you would like to help us in your city. For other ways to help visit How to help page. See the reports for the details and photos of our deliveries. See our Facebook page for the weekly updates and photos.


Number of trucks sent to Ukraine
Tons of humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine
Estimated monetary value(euros)

Marina Kuzmichova , Loco burgemeester Rivne, Oekraine

Burgemeester of Rivne Tretyak bedankt Stichting Slimm

Tetiana Kidruk (Hart voor Kinderen) bedankt Help4Ukraine

Please watch the video about work of our volunteers


Helping Ukraine

Our volunteers are mostly Ukrainian refugees who currently live in the Netherlands.


Our flyer

We use Ukrainian trucks to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine


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