About us

Since August 2014, the SLIMM foundation has been active in bringing local initiatives into contact with each other and establishing a partnership to strengthen each other. SLIMM stands for Cooperating Local Initiatives for People & Environment. It is important that within the collaboration each organization retains its own identity but can reinforce each other. The foundation provides coordination of projects and provides facility support.

SLIMM is currently coordinating Help4Ukraine initiative.

In collaboration with Heart for Children foundation of  Ukraine, the aid immediately goes to the people in need.

Kamer van Koophandel: 61292893


IBAN: NL20INGB0006362666

RSIN: 85428712

About us. Team Netherlands

Peter E. van Harskamp

Chairman of the SLIMM foundation. Peter has founded SLIMM 15 years ago to support local initiatives. Peter is an entrepreneur with several successful projects.

Leo Shmaryan

Member of the SLIMM foundation. Leo grew up in Moscow in the family of Ukrainian Jews. He left Russia 30 years ago to study in the US at Stanford University. He moved to the Netherlands 8 years ago.

Natalia Leshan

Member of the SLIMM foundation. Natalia came to the Netherlands 10 years ago. Natalia is a Head of the Sales Department in an International company and also an influencer. Since the war started in Ukraine Natalia also became a volunteer. She was born in Moldova but lived in Ukraine for 10 years and has Ukrainian nationality. Her motherland is Ukraine by heart, by mind and by soul. 

Nataliya Kornyeyeva and Alex van Harskamp

members of the SLIMM foundation. Natalia grew up in Rivne, Ukraine She came to the Netherlands 9 years ago for love. Husband Alex van Harskamp supports her in all endeavors, whether it is her own business with nail products or various charitable projects such as the project Help4Uktraine.

About us. Team Ukraine

Tetania Kidruk

Chairman of the Heart For Children of Ukraine, Rivne

Zhanna Herasymova

Heart For Children of Ukraine, Nikolaev