Thank you for signing up as a morning coördinator. You would always come on the second or third day
of the action. Organizers work as morning coordinators on the first day.
Your job is:

  1. Come in the morning at the beginning of the first shift
  2. Say hello to the supermarket workers at the service desk and inform them that we are starting.
    They should be aware of our action since it is not the first day.
  3. Ask them to bring us empty banana boxes throughout the day.
  4. Ask them to give you our box with flyers and other materials from the first day and empty
    boxes from the first day. In some cases they may not have these items and you will have to
    bring them with you. Organizer will inform you about that in advance.
  5. Usually, the banners should be in place from the first day. In rare cases, you need to setup
    banners. Organizer will inform you in advance if that is the case.
  6. You should tell volunteers were to stand to hand out flyers and where to put boxes for
    collection. The good place to hand out flyers is right in front of the turnstile (Tourniquet hek).
    The boxes should be out of the way close to the exit. Experienced volunteers know this
    themselves. If in doubt, consult with the organizer on how this was set up on the first day.
  7. Take a shopping trolley and put it near the boxes. Volunteers will put their clothes, personal
    belongings and flyers in the trolley. We usually put Ukrainian flag on this trolley with the tape. It
    will be in the box provided to you. Experienced volunteers know this already.
  8. Check if volunteers know what to do. If they are all new, read together with them the
    instruction for volunteers. It can be found on the web-site, menu option “How
    to Help”.