Dear friends,


Thank you very much for signing up and your willingness to help Ukraine. There are different ways to help.


This is instruction for volunteers in supermarkets:

  1. One person usually hands out flyers. He/She should smile and greet the supermarket customer in English or Dutch (Hello, Goedemorgen/Goedendag/Goedenavond) and then offer the flyer. It works quite well if you say something like this: "Can you please read and buy something?", "Can you please help Ukraine?" or similar. Sometimes customers do not understand what we need from them or where to bring the articles that they buy. Also, sometimes you need to emphasize that all of what they donate goes to Ukraine. Sometimes customers ask what we need most. You can answer: "baby stuff, pampers, baby milk powder".
  2. The other task is to accept the articles from customers and put them in boxes. Do not forget to smile, say thank you (danke wel) and at the end wish a good day (fijne dag). Please sort articles in 3 categories: Food items, Baby Food, Hygiene and Medicine. Sometimes people give money and checks for bottles (Statiegeld). There will be an envelope for these items. Money will be used to buy specific items for Ukrainian soldiers. All materials and boxes will be provided.

I usually ask the supermarket manager in the morning to bring us empty banana boxes during the day, but sometimes they forget.

If you do not see them bringing empty banana boxes and you speak English or Dutch it will be good to ask for empty banana boxes at the service desk.

Please make pictures and publish them on social media and tag our FB page Help4Ukraine. Netherlands. If you encounter a particularly nice customer, please make a video of the donation. In case of any problems, call Leo at +31 6 27284399 or post a message in the Help4Ukraine WhatsApp chat.


Organizers will be present for the first shift. If you come on the later shift you will see volunteers from the previous shift who will show you everything. Try not to be late. Do not leave the supermarket until your replacement comes.


We pack everything in 4 categories:

  1. Food (heavy items). They go in banana boxes or small boxes.
  2. Baby food (lighter items).   They go in banana boxes or small boxes.
  3. Hygiene (pampers, tampons, shampoo etc). These are usually light items. They go into big boxes.
  4. Medicine - tablets. Small box.

There will be a marker. Please write on the box what is inside (not needed for banana boxes).


Some boxes need to be put together and some require the use of the tape. The tape with scissors will be provided.


For banana boxes you need to put a piece of cardboard or strong paper at the bottom and always use the top of the box to cover it.


You should regularly remove the flyers from baskets and shopping carts and pick them up from the floor. Walk around the supermarket  at the end of your shift to pick-up any flyers. If flyers are good, you can reuse them.


Thanks again for signing up. Your help is very much appreciated in Ukraine.